Family Pictures And Personal Papers??

I have had several emails from students asking “how do you deal with family pictures and personal paper work?”

So I did this short video to show you just how we handle them on our jobsites.

It’s really important to be organized with what we call “return to homeowner boxes.” These are small boxes full of personal papers and photos that we need the homeowners to sort thru and either photo copy things they need to keep or throw away the paperwork that they can live without.

These items (excluding photos) are usually not really important and just aren’t cost effective for us to clean. Sealing them in heavy duty plastic bags keeps any smoke odor or contamination from getting out of the boses and into their house until they have had a chance to go thru them.

Photos we always clean with a chemical sponge and then baggie them according to photo album or container that they were stored in.


About Annissa Coy

I am a wife, mother of four and grandmother of two. I am an educator in my company Firehoue Education and Mobile Clean Systems. I love helping others improve their business and creating connection with their clients. I love to sail, ride our Harley, play with my grandkids and lay on the beach.
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