Cool Toys We Get To Use

It’s not only cool that we get to do what it is we do but it is also cool that we get to use some of the most sophisticated equipment around:)

The Ultrasonic machine is one of my favs.

Not only is it a very impressive technical machine but it does some really neat stuff too!

Just watch the video and you will see what I mean.


About Annissa Coy

I am a wife, mother of four and grandmother of two. I am an educator in my company Firehoue Education and Mobile Clean Systems. I love helping others improve their business and creating connection with their clients. I love to sail, ride our Harley, play with my grandkids and lay on the beach.
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One Response to Cool Toys We Get To Use

  1. Chelsea Coy says:

    Coming from first hand experience this is an awesome tool!! I was always running this on the Mobile Crew and loved my job! 🙂 Im kind of a clean freak (don’t know where I get it from ;)) and watching what this machine can do just makes my world go round. Very cool!

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